Handmade Flower Seed Envelope - 4.25x6.25" Package of 25

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✔️ 100% recycled cotton paper envelopes dating back to 14th-century artisans in India. The tradition of handmade paper-making has been passed from one generation to another. Handmade, dried in the sun, it is a TIMELESS and creative alternative to plain paper.

✔️ This gorgeous, HAND-MADE seed paper is embedded with a mix of wildflower seeds. This thick paper eliminates bleed-through and feels amazing. Blank RECYCLED cotton paper envelopes that are acid-free and chemical-free. 

✔️ Invite, Write, Decorate - these one-of-a-kind handmade plantable paper envelopes are a great alternative to traditional paper or postcards. Perfect for seed paper favors, save-the-date invitations, notices - simply plant the card when finished to enjoy the spectacle of new growth!

✔️ CREATE to your heart's content with 25 envelopes. Planting information is provided in each package. Watch your inspirations blossom!