How long will shipping take?

Amazon handles all of our shipping so it should get there pretty fast :) Usually 4 - 7 days for the "Standard Shipping" option. 

Please note: I also offer Amazon's faster "Two Day" and "One Day" shipping for an additional cost, however these shipping options will not literally ensure that the package arrives in one or two days, they are simply faster options.


What Are Your Shipping Costs?

In The USA (Prices in USD)

Standard Shipping: $5.95

Two-Day: $9.05

One-Day: $17.00

In Canada (Prices in CAD)

Standard Shipping: $7.65

Two-Day: $9.90


How do I put in more refill pages?

Check out this handy dandy tutorial image!

How to refill a travelers notebook


Where can I buy more refill inserts?

Click the links below to find them right here on our website:




There are some scratch marks on the leather of my Wanderings Notebook. Is this normal?

Yes! The Wanderings Notebook is made of full grain leather (the highest quality leather available) and is not treated with any lacquers or sealants. This way, the leather can “breath” and, if taken care of properly, can last a lifetime. Half the fun of your new notebook is carrying it around, scuffing it up, and making it as unique as the journeys you take it on. If you are not a fan of the scuffed up look simply wipe the cover with a slightly damp soft cloth. This will remove / lessen the majority of any scratches.


How does the lifetime warranty work? Is it really for a lifetime?

We tested the toughness of the Wanderings Notebook by running over it with a monster truck and carrying it to the peak of Everest….Just kidding, but it’s tough! If your adventures ever somehow manage to destroy your Wanderings Notebook then please follow the steps below:

A.Tell us about your awesome adventure
B.Remind us of your address and we will send you a free replacement!

You can contact us any time through our contact form by clicking here 


Does Wanderings ship to Europe or Asia?

Not yet... But we will be soon! Europe is planned for Spring 2017 and Asia by Summer 2017.


Can I have a discount?

Yes! And I must say I appreciate your audacity. Anyone who signs up for the Wanderings email list gets 10% off their first order. You can sign up here and I will send you a discount code :)


I can't afford The Wanderings Notebook, even with the 10% off discount. Can you help?

Yes. If you're having tough times, but really need / would love to have a notebook please contact me and tell me how I can help you. Please use this offer responsibly and ask if you truly need it.



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